Fuel by Falconet - Flight Profile Optimizer for airlines

Make a positive impact on your airline's profit, and pursue your environmental protection policy. Stop eco-washing, get Falconet today!


Recent evaluation shows 460 kg per flight fuel savings for Airbus 330
Falconet is used with the flight crew tablet system.

Both online and offline modes are supported.

In-flight refresh of weather data is supported and recommended for long-haul flights.

Designed for flight crew

Climb trajectory optimization

Crew workload for fuel efficiency calculations is significantly reduced and more accurate results are obtained easily - for every flight.

Cruise trajectory optimization

In case of very good tailwinds, Falconet will recommend step-descent. Otherwise, optimal step-climbs are calculated accurately, without any restrictions imposed by enroute waypoints.
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Fuel by Falconet Software

Falconet runs on iOS tablet devices (iPads). The backend system is cloud based, and handles latest weather data partitioning and electronic flight plan (ARINC 633-2) coordination.

Falconet monthly subscription is offered for iOS tablet devices (iPads). Contact us for pricing and for queries regarding other operating systems.


The monthly subscription includes basic support during office hours. Platinum level support is available based on customer requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will ensure continuous and smooth operation of your Falconet software.

Help us make aviation sustainable

Falconet is a registered trademark of Falconet Systems Oy Finland - 2017